Peritos em Gravimetria  • Gravimetric Experts  • Peritos en Gravimetria  • Experts en Gravimétrie  • Spezialisten in Gravimetrie

We develop and present innovative solutions based on advanced technology.

Solutions brought to you after intensive and thorough analysis of all available information. Therefore we visualize each single and specific environment and reality, thus, evaluating and refining the best solution available. This process may become a cycle that can repeat itself until the best, or the optimal, solution is identified. After careful pondering we suggest its implementation. Thus, success is attained.

During all stages of this process we bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Minimization of all corporeal immobilized investment, with consequent reduction of the fixed costs of the company. This way opting to subcontract in all areas of production that are less noble or that add little economic or technological value to the products. An example could be the systematic feature of subcontracting for construction mechanics, namely metal work, etc;
  • We rely strongly on our internal know-how and domain of key business factors, mobilizing all potentialities of our human resources: partners, who actively collaborate in all company aspects, and collaborators;
  • Making use of the abilities of the entities of the national and European scientific and technological system. Always being aware of new technologies available and its possible industrial uses. We could point out the protocols established with the ISR - Institute of Systems and Robotics, with the INESC - Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers, with the INEGI – Institute of Mechanics Engineering and Industrial Management and with the INETI - Institute of Engineering and Industrial Technology. By keeping in touch with these entities, we believe it to be an increased factor of aperture for the technological component and motivation of IBE’s collaborators, allowing a better perception of future evolutions to be introduced in all its products;
  • Retaining all know-how associated to its products;
  • Modular conception of all our products and simple projects oriented for easy execution, this way allowing subcontracting;
  • Accomplishment of all the remaining tasks, quality control, assembly, essays, testing and after-sale assistance, by our collaborators or partners.

A empresa produz e comercializa presentemente os seguintes sistemas:

  • CONTGRAV - High precision gravimetric control system of thickness and/or linear weight of film, tube or profile produced through the extrusion process.
  • DOSIGRAV - High precision gravimetric dosing and blending of granulated or powdered materials, in continuous or cyclic processes, granting high precision (less than 0,5% error margin) and stability of the mass processes of dosing and mixing, assuring simultaneously its homogenisation.
  • TERLOC - Online remote terminal and interface for production, maintenance and quality management; thus granting the "dialogue" between operator and machine, through a terminal equipped with display, mouse, digital/analogue inputs/outputs and optionally with a label printer.
  • IBEBUS - Industrial communication and control system based on an open protocol, specified by IBE, granting interconnectivity, in real time, between all IBE's and/or other equipments for centralised monitoring and control.

All these systems were developed by IBE and have had excellent shelter in the industrial environment, namely in the sector of the hashing of plastic substances, in Portugal and abroad.

Besides these systems, the company is also dedicated to the automatization of industrial processes, incorporating and conjugating several equipment available with standard market solutions, namely when such leads to the incorporation of IBE's equipment. As an example one could mention the accomplishment and execution of automatization projects of assembly lines of extruded products, like the storage and automatic feed of plastic raw material of extrusion machines.


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