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In the market since 1991 to present innovating and advanced technology solutions


    High precision gravimetric control system of thickness and/or linear weight of film, tube or profile produced through the extrusion process

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    High precision gravimetric dosing and blending of granulated or powdered materials, in continuous or cyclic processes, granting high precision (less than 0,5% error margin) and stability of the mass processes of dosing and mixing, assuring simultaneously its homogenisation

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    Online remote terminal and interface for production, maintenance and quality management; thus granting the "dialogue" between operator and machine, through a terminal equipped with display, mouse, digital/analogue inputs/outputs and optionally with a label printer

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    Industrial communication and control system based on an open protocol, specified by IBE, granting interconnectivity, in real time, between all IBE's and/or other equipments for centralised monitoring and control

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